Medical Devices
Medical Equipment, consumer goods
Therapeutic Area(s):
Infectious Diseases, Pediatrics, Lice Treatment
Company Status:
Regulatory Approval

Parasonic ltd. established in Israel in 2014, is the first company to ever develop a complete safe solution for treating lice and nits without the use of chemicals.

The revolutionary comb provides a complete solution for lice and nits (lice eggs). The comb is a home-use ultrasound device that kills lice and their eggs in a single 5-minute combing treatment. Lice cannot develop resistance to ParaSonic’s treatment due to its physical properties. Parasonic’s technology is patent pending around the world.

The technology:

Parasonic uses safe ultrasound technology generated within a dedcated comb. The comb enables easy  wide-toothed combing  on any type of hair without causing nuisance to mother of child and  destroys lice and nits with  a short 1 second pulse.

The comb teeth were optimally designed for parting the hair and for bringing the ultrasound into proximity with the hair shaft. The spacing between the teeth is adjustable, making the comb suitable for every type of hair, adapting to any thickness and texture.

The wide-toothed, battery-powered, easy-to-use comb generates ultrasound waves parallel to the scalp. It is used in conjunction with an ampoule of a special solution made from natural hair care ingredients. In addition to augmenting the comb’s efficacy, the natural solution also leaves the hair soft and smooth.