Pangolin Medical

Therapeutic Area(s):
General Surgery
Company Status:

Company at a Glance

Pangolin Medical develops and manufactures a bio-mimetic heart simulator with a complete endovascular system and simulators of the Gastro intestinal tract.
Pangolin simulators are a powerful tool for physician training, high risk procedures, R&D, education and presentations.
The bio-mimetic simulators are anatomically correct replicas of the endovascular circulatory system. They are aimed to bring users as close as possible to the body’s actual anatomy. The simulators are impressive and robust, while simple to use and display.
The simulators have elastic and transparent anatomy that is securely fixed in a transparent case. Transparency allows direct visual observation of procedures. Users can examine and practice all stages of performing implants before the actual procedures thereby reducing uncertainty and increasing success rates.
The simulators can be created according to the CTs of specific patients, CAD files or any required engineering geometry. The simulator can also undergo x-ray scanning. Liquids with microsphere particles are used to simulate and observe blood flow in the circulatory system and allow users to face clinical reality.

Technology & Product(s)

Training simulator – physician training at medical and training centers.
Patient-specific simulators – First in man/high risk procedures.
R&D simulators –  engineering R&D tool/lab testing
Pangolin simulator – early plans and debriefing for procedure
Education simulators – practical teaching
Presentation simulators – impressive demonstrations of products and procedures in their natural environment


Objectives: Sales, Collaborations, Distributors
Target businesses: Training Centers, Medical Centers, Hospitals, Medical Device Companies, R&D Departments, Distributors,  Universities
Target Countries: Worldwide