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Enhance Your Endo-SCOPE

OTTek, an Israeli company, has developed the FIOT (Flow In Over Tube), a versatile, on-demand, easy-to-assemble, cost-effective, colonoscopy assist device.

The FIOT creates a working channel wider than the endoscope for rapid, efficient and unprecedented cleansing. The FIOT is designed to reduce the risks resulting from poor visualization in an insufficiently prepared colon and to facilitate successful completion of the procedure.

Single use device, compatible with most endoscopes, the FIOT functions as an “everting hollow tube, to further improve the colonoscopy procedure by:

  • Higher polyp detection rate
  • Easy and rapid repositioning when large polyp removal requires full withdrawal of the endoscope
  • Rapid cleansing in cases of severe colon bleeding
  • Stabilization of the endoscope during polyp removal
  • Protection of the colon wall and prevention of endoscope looping
  • Easy maneuvering and improved ability to reach the caecum
  • Safe removal of entire cancerous polyps through the FIOT lumen
  • Easy exchanging of instruments

The FIOT is designed to overcome critical endoscopy challenges, improving both clinical outcomes and healthcare economics:

  • Higher colonoscopy completion rate, preventing repeat procedures
  • Improved efficacy
  • Fewer adverse events, e.g. perforation
  • Improved cost-effectiveness by preventing the need for additional procedures and prolonged hospitalization