OCON Medical

Medical devices
Disposable & Implantable, Drug delivery
Therapeutic Area(s):
Women's Health
Company Status:
Initial Revenues
OCON Medical develops, manufactures and commercialises innovative women’s health products based on IUB™, its proprietary intrauterine platform. The platform, made of a super-elastic alloy nitinol, is an ideal carrier for hormone-free contraception and intrauterine drugs.

OCON’s lead product, IUB™ Ballerine® (formerly IUB™ SCU300), is a hormone-free spherical intrauterine contraceptive effective for up to 5 years. Once inserted into the uterus, the IUB™ Ballerine® forms a small and flexible 3D ball, which physiologically adapts to the shape of the uterus. It is about half the size of traditional intrauterine devices and has no sharp edges. Through minimal irritation to the uterus, IUB™ Ballerine® reduces the incidence of bleeding and pain compared to T-shaped copper IUDs, resulting in improved quality of life. The first significant advance in contraceptive devices in nearly 3 decades, the IUB™ Ballerine® is already available in 17 countries with over 50,000 users to date.

The Company is also developing a strong pipeline of products using the IUB™ frame for hormonal contraception and additional indications including abnormal uterine bleeding and infertility.

OCON’s technology platform and products are protected by a broad portfolio of patents and trademarks. The private Company, established in 2011, is headquartered in Israel.