OCON Medical Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Women's Health
Company Status:
Initial Revenues

Company at a Glance

OCON Medical Ltd. (“OCON”) develops next-generation intrauterine drugs-device products based on its proprietary platform – the Intrauterine Ball (IUB™), in a market that has not seen any innovation for the last 3 decades. Founded in early 2011 OCON has since established itself as a leading women’s health (WH) innovator with a proven technology already used by well over 40,000 women.

In the short period of time since established, OCON has accomplished:

  • Development and successful obtainment of Class III drug-device product regulatory approval.
  • Establishment of a marketing network in Europe with launches that have resulted in over 10% market share within less than a year.
  • Proven market acceptability with over 50,000 units sold.
    Establishment of large scale in-house development and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Development up to the in-vivo stage of two key pipeline products.
  • Being recognized as a top ten intrauterine product innovation company.

With its initial IUB™ Ballerine™ product OCON has proven the concept of successful market acceptance of a new generation of IUD and validates medical utility of a new generation of intrauterine drug device.

Technology & Product(s)

IUB™ Ballerine™ – Non-hormonal long acting reversible contraception (LARC)

Sphera™ – Levonorgestrel eluting LARC

  • The IUB™ SCu300 product family is a non-serviceable, single use intrauterine implanted long acting reversible contraceptive. The IUB™ is a spherical carrier made of nitinol, a new biocompatible super-elastic alloy used in coronary and neurosurgery stents, which offers ideal intrauterine adaptivity. This allows simpler and safer introduction into the uterus and provides superior adaptability to the uterus’ shape.
  • Product currently in development by the company is the Sphera™ is also non-serviceable. The Sphera™ is a long acting reversible hormonal intrauterine contraceptive product based on sustained release of levonorgestrel.
  • Key technologies

The basis for all products of the company is its proprietary three-dimensional frame. This frame is introduced into the uterus in a linear form, loaded in a tube. Once deployed from the tube it obtains its programmed spherical form. The super-elastic characteristic of the frame material enables this property while providing sufficient compliance to provide advantageous physiological compatibility.


Objectives: To become a leading women’s health innovator in a field of poor innovation, high unmet needs and sizable market.
Target businesses: Gynecologists, HMO’s
Target Countries: Europe, LATAM, China, Canada, Australia and eventually US