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Company at a Glance

OB-TOOLS LTD is an Israeli based company founded in 2003. The company is a leading innovator in uterine contractions monitoring. The company is dedicated to improving the well-being of pregnant women and fetal health through the continuous development of high quality and reliable uterine contraction and fetal heart rate monitoring devices. Monitoring of fetus health helps in detecting events where timely intervention can prevent acute conditions, cerebral palsy or even fetal death.
“According to UNICEF, 80 percent of maternal deaths worldwide could be prevented if women had access to essential obstetric and basic health care services, including prenatal monitoring technology. Access to preventive monitoring technology will lower costs by mitigating adverse outcomes associated with high risk pregnancies.”

  • Replaces 3 Devices (IUPC, TOCO and FSE) in one, patient friendly Embrace™ Electrode
  • Uterine Contraction Strength, Frequency, Duration
  • Direct measurement of beat to beat variability fetal heart rate*
  • Non-invasive, Wireless, Quantitative
  • May be used before rupture of membrane (pre-partum and intra-partum)
  • Unaffected by obesity and maternal movement
  • Can evaluate true labor from false labor – reducing unnecessary admissions
  • May be used for home monitoring of high risk pregnancy

Technology & Product(s)

Fetal monitoring has been available for decades. Both external fetal monitoring and internal and invasive fetal monitoring is available. Internal monitoring provides more detailed information; however, associated with infection. Internal monitors can become plugged or perforate the uterus. OB Tools has developed a new fetal monitoring device, which provides just as accurate information as internal monitors. The TrueWave Maternal Fetal Monitoring System or TrueWave MFM System, works by detecting the minute electrical signals
of uterine muscle contraction and the fetal heart rate.
The monitoring technique, known as electrical uterine myography (EUM), utilizes a highly accurate and highly sensitive Embrace Sensor array, placed on Mom’s belly and allows for early identification of pre-term labor and fetal heart rate along with uterine contraction information externally and wirelessly without rupture of membranes.
It is free from infection concerns of internal devices and inaccuracy problems of external devices. It is wireless and compatible with all existing monitors making adoption by hospitals both inexpensive and easy to accomplish.


Objectives: Distribute TrueWave MFM System in North America, EU and Latin America.
Target businesses: Medical Device Distributors selling into Labor and Delivery Departments.
Target Countries: US, EU, Latin America.