Nuvo Group

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Gynecology, Obstetrics
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Company at a Glance

Nuvo is developing a line of medical products that provide powerful alternatives to traditional Doppler/CTG. Our products will provide professionals with a more convenient way to monitor pregnancy health markers of both the mother and fetus both remotely and in in-office settings.

Our focus is on developing wearable, sensor based technologies that utilize big data analytics to provide new insights throughout pregnancy via automatic, continuous, remote, and hassle-free pregnancy monitoring. Our solution is based on the combination of measures of well-established biomarkers including: fetal movement, cardio-vascular activity of mother & fetus, uterine contractions/pulse propagations and maternal activity.

Our products provide powerful alternatives to traditional Doppler/CTG by simultaneously capturing direct information of both mother and fetus using revolutionary passive technologies. Our products use a sophisticated set of passive sensors, seamlessly integrated within a comfortable pregnancy belt, designed to safely and accurately collect and analyze important health data simultaneously from the mother and the fetus – remotely, in real-time – and removes the obstacles to health by providing information and remote access to health providers.

Nuvo is committed to creating new and innovative solutions to the challenges facing maternal care. We are excited about our products and technological advancements and look forward to sharing our progress with the medical community.

Technology & Product(s)

Pregnancy can present a variety of health risks to both expectant mothers and their developing child. Although the risks differ in severity based on age, general health and preexisting conditions, all pregnancies carry some risk. Complications can involve the mother’s health, baby’s health, or both.

PregSense is being developed to simultaneously capture information of both mother and fetus using revolutionary passive monitoring technologies. Our Wearable Sensory Belt is a self-contained, active unit that includes a built-in rechargeable power-source, micro-controller, memory and bi-directional communication channel to a mobile device.

The proposed solution is built for scalability and affordability, allowing each woman to get access to hospital grade technology and maternal health information at a fraction of the cost and time of current conventional methods. Even when far from a health clinic women can still get access to crucial vital health information over their mobile phone, which can improve outcomes by providing early detection and, when needed, early intervention.

The wearable monitoring solution will provide accurate and early diagnosis of fetal distress based on robust, continuous, passive and noninvasive monitoring of fetal and maternal vital signs. Enabling the prediction and prevention of severe complications using smart big data analysis.


Objectives: Explore Distributor and New Business Partnerships
Target businesses: Medical Device Distributors, Hospitals (Large & Small), Clinics, Obstetricians – Providers with Pregnancy Monitoring Needs.
Target Countries: EU (UK, Germany, Italy and Netherlands), USA, Asia (China)