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Nucleix Ltd. Develops, manufactures and markets highly innovative and non-invasive molecular cancer diagnostic tests.  Our highly sensitive and specific tests are based on identification of subtle changes in methylation patterns.  Nucleix technology is based on a combination of a new biochemical platform in conjunction with sophisticated algorithms.

Our first product, Bladder EpiCheck, is an IVD urine test for detection of bladder cancer that can reduce follow up cystoscopies, with the highest performance in the market. This test has shown NPV of 99%, sensitivity of 92% and a specificity of 88%, in a large multi-center, prospective and blinded study.



of the DNA is a set of ‘switches’ that activate or deactivate specific genes in order to allow different cell types to perform their role.  It is therefore a powerful tool to distinguish between cell types.  Cancer cells show changes in methylation pattern in relation to healthy cel

ls, and if one could “read” these methylation changes against a large background of normal signal coming from healthy cells, o

ne would be able to detect the presence of tumors in body fluids, such as urine and blood. This is exactly what Nucleix does.  Nucleix has developed a method to read these codes and detect them with extreme sensitivity.

Nucleix technology is based on our two tools – Bioinformatics and Biochemical:

  • Bioinformatics – is a tool enabling rapid and systematic development of biomarker panels for a wide range of clinical tasks.
  • Biochemical – a proprietary technology for a simple, low cost clinical assay with a sensitivity that is better than 1:200,000 (that is identifying one methylation change in a background of 200,000 normal molecules).