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A World Leader in Endovascular and Proctology Lasers

NeoLaser designs, manufactures and distributes medical laser products, offering top-notch quality and design, providing superb performance and functionality, flexibility and modularity, all at an affordable cost.

The company is ISO13485 certified, holds CE mark, FDA, TGA, Health Canada, and Anvisa clearance for its high-end medical laser systems.

neoLaser’s flagship product, the neoV laser, offers the smallest, most reliable, user friendly, portable, and precise laser system of its kind.

The neoV1470 and neoV980 offer the latest state of the art options for Endovascular and Proctology treatments, including unique surgical probes – the CORONA 360, circular emission, the CORONA Fistula Probe and the CORONA Hemorrhoid Probe. In addition, special Orthopedic/PLDD Kits are available for herniated disc treatment, enabling superb results through a minimally invasive surgical technique.

During Medica 2019, neoLaser will launch its neoV1940, and its CORONA Infinite Ring fiber, offering the most advanced surgical tools for endovascular applications in the world today. This unique architecture will allow optimal closure while reducing treatment complications.

neoLaser is currently in strong revenue growth, a growing global installed base and over 35 distribution partners worldwide. The neoV system is becoming a benchmark of design and clinical excellence and is featured in surgical master classes and courses.