NE-Field Diagnostics

Medical Devices
Diagnostic & Monitoring, Telemedicine
Therapeutic Area(s):
Pulmonary, Respiratory
Company Status:
Clinical trials

NE-Field Diagnostics Ltd. was established in 2015 to develop and commercialize an innovative technology for pulmonary function testing and monitoring.

Our device enables an effortless lung function test that can be carried out with virtually no patient collaboration and without any need for testing proficiency or training. By this we establish our aim of producing a homecare device that can test babies, infants, children, disabled and in-bed patients while significantly increasing test reliability. Today’s most common test (Spirometry), involves forced breathing maneuvers and inferior metrics – The amount of air expelled in 1 second.

Our technology is able to detect the alveolar pressure (the driving pressure of breathing) and by that calculate Airway-Resistance, known to be twice as effective at determining an obstructed airway. An obstructed airway is the main symptom of most respiratory diseases such as COPD and Asthma. Moreover – During our 3 minute test, in addition to measuring Airway-Resistance, we also provide data regarding respiratory compliance and work-of-breathing, supplying triple the data when compared to Spirometry.

NE-Field has demonstrated its technology by invasive in-vivo testing with an Alpha prototype to show its ability to deduce airway resistance, lung compliance and work-of-breathing successfully. We have also begun human trials in Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem.