NanoVibronix Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Infection Control, Urology, Wound Management
Company Status:
Products sales

Company at a Glance

NanoVibronix is a medical device company that seeks to fulfill selected, significant unmet medical needs in the therapeutic areas of pain, wound and soft tissue healing and in the area of catheter related infection and injury.

NanoVibronix Ltd., is located in Nesher, Israel and performs research and development as well as manufacturing and marketing of the company’s products. NanoVibronix Ltd. is a subsidiary of NanoVibronix Inc. which is located in Elmsford, NY. The company is publicly traded in NASDAQ (NAOV).

Technology & Product(s)

NanoVibronix’s technology consists of a unique, miniature transducer technology that transmits low-frequency, low-intensity ultrasound onto treatment surface. These transducers are small, thin (1mm), flexible, lightweight (5g), and create Surface Acoustic Waves reaching up to 10 cm from the transducer. These operating parameters allow the creation of a small, self-adhering acoustic patch that contains the transducer and administers the ultrasound. This application revolutionizes the way administration of low-frequency, low-intensity ultrasound for therapeutic clinical applications by eliminating the need for technicians and medical personnel to manually administer ultrasound therapy using large transducers, encouraging patient independence, promoting clinician supervised home based care and reducing the cost of therapy. Applications using this technology include wound treatment, soft tissue healing and pain treatment.

The technology allows converting indwelling catheters into active acoustic disease-fighting devices. Certain catheters often pose a risk of biofilm and infection as well as a risk of trauma and discomfort. NanoVibronix devices attached to catheters reduce catheter-acquired infection, antibiotic usage and bacterial resistance and therapeutically treat catheter-associated injury.

PainShield™ – ultrasound therapy for pain relief, soft tissue healing and non-union fractures.

UroShield™ – prevents biofilm formation on urinary catheters to decrease risk for UTI, increases antibiotic efficacy and decreases pain and discomfort associated with urinary catheter use.

WoundShield™ – accelerates healing of chronic and acute wounds


Objectives: Expand distribution network
Target businesses: Hospitals, Nursing homes, clinics, home-care
Target Countries: Germany, France, Spain, Scandinavia, Asia and S. America