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Motorika offers patient specific Robotic rehabilitation solutions

Motorika design, manufacture and market robotic rehab system for upper limb and for Gait Re-education. Motorika’s mission is to provide patient specific rehabilitation solutions to meet the therapeutic needs of patients suffering from variety of neurological conditions, including stroke, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, as well as orthopedic and post-surgery dysfunction.
Reo, the company’s flagship product family, actively engages patients’ neuromuscular re-education through intensive, repetitive, task-specific exercises in various robotic modes, with instant augmented feedback.

The ReoGo ™ is one of the world’s most advanced robotic system for upper limb therapy. Through the use of an advanced, fully motorized robotic arm, with software which combines dedicated exercises and games, ReoGo™ is designed to facilitate three-dimensional repetitive arm movements. The system is apt for a wide range of neuro patients in all stages of recovery.

The ReoAmbulator™ Pro – is a high level gait training platform combining combined with advanced robotic legs, integrated body weight-support treadmill, Active Neuromuscular Facilitation Capabilities, Cameras for Video Recording, Virtual Reality / Multi-Tasking features and Gait Analysis/Coordination training using auditory and ELITE pro-active programs.

Using principles of neuroplasticity, biofeedback and precisely tailored repetitive motions, these solutions enable patients to “rewire their brains” neural pathways and synapses to improve upper and lower limb function, accelerates motor and cognitive recovery, and provides improved clinical outcomes.

Motorika’s products are commercially available in the US, Europe and ASIA.