Motorika Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Hospital Units, Clinics
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Company at a Glance

Motorika is a worldwide leader in design, manufacturing and marketing of innovative, high end robotic based rehabilitation solutions. Motorika’s mission is to provide advanced, personal rehabilitation solutions for patients suffering from neurological disorders or orthopedic injuries. Our Solutions are designed to provide personalized adaptive treatment, which is based on accurate online measurements of patient’s
capabilities in combined with an advance software knowledge-based control.

Technology & Product(s)

Motorika products offering: High level of Upper and Lower Extremities Re-training Robotic and Biofeedback Platform; Adaptive Personal Rehabilitation Programs; Efficient Training capabilities including Neuromuscular Facilitation and Audio and Visual Feedback.; Patient Specific Monitoring of patient trend; Motorika’s advance
products include:
ReoGo – an Upper Extremity 3-D Robotic Training platform combined clinical expert system and functional oriented therapy.

  • Portable, User friendly, Intuitive Software
  • Objective assessment of patient upper limb movement
  • Efficient Personalized Therapy – 3-D movements by advance Robotics arm
  • Unique operational modes – Passive via assisted Active up to Full Active
  • Functional exercises combine distal and proximal muscle synergy
  • Unique Exercises and clinical interactive programs increase patient engagement and motivation
  • Fits wide spectrum of Neurological and Orthopedics patients at different stages of recovery
  • Accurate fit process to minimize patient compensations
  • Smooth and fluent movement
  • Study reliable proven treatment efficiency
  • Progress training based on 10 years data experience
  • Record and max. exercises fitting to individual patient

ReoAmbulator – Advance high level gait training platform combined Biofeedback and neuromuscular facilitations.

  • Allows Natural Gait Pattern
  • Wide spectrum of patients – Various ages and diagnosis (SCI, CVA, MS, Parkinson, THR, TKR, Sports injuries, CP)
  • Increased motivation by integrating VR-multitask motor and cognitive training,
  • Allows high level of gait coordination training
  • Active mode of training – RA Enhance sensorimotor learning using auditory and visual feedback,
  • Accurate Verbal Instructions
  • Real Time Audio/Visual Biofeedback
  • Patient Trending
  • Re-Educate & Build Patient’s Confidence
  • Faster Recover


Objectives: Leverage the growing business and business development.
Target businesses: Hospitals, clinical services, rehabilitation centers, therapists, distributions.
Target Countries: APAC, EMEA, Latin America.