Mennen Medical

Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Monitoring
Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Cardiovascular, Pediatrics, Neuroscience, General Surgery

We follow every beat of your heart

Mennen Medical Group is improving the lives of doctors and patients for over 50 years, by developing and marketing state of the art medical technologies. Mennen Medical Ltd is bringing innovative technologies in Hemodynamic monitoring system and Electrophysiology monitoring system for Cath-lab rooms, Patient Monitoring, aEEG and Clinical data information solutions, Anti -Bacterial, medical grade powered carts , equipped with long life, innovative battery system and electric lift for height adjustment.

Gerium, another member of the group, is a medical technology company known for its excellence in developing, manufacturing and marketing new generation non-invasive bilirubin meter for newborns called BiliCareTM.BilicareTM measures the level of bilirubin in the newborn by transmitting light at different wave lengths into the newborn’s tissue and measures the intensity of those wave lengths when they come out of the tissue.


Together, we are committed to developing and marketing reliable, durable and top-quality products, designed to suit specific clinical needs and the dynamics of healthcare work environments.