Mennen Medical & MTRE

Therapeutic Area(s):
ICU- Intensive Care Unit, Cardiovascular, Pediatrics, Neuroscience, General Surgery
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Company at a Glance

Mennen Medical Ltd. is a leader manufacturer in patient monitoring, diagnostic instrumentation, clinical information systems for hospital based cardiac catheterization, thermoregulation solution ( TTM and Normothermia ) and a non invasive solution for measuring bilirubin in neonates.

Mennen Medical also provides its unique technologies and services to other medical devices manufactures in the form of OEM or private label cooperation.

Fully owned by Mennen medical Group: MTRE specializes in thermoregulaion and Gerium Medicalspecializes in non-invasive transcutanous Bilirubinmeasurement.

Technology & Product(s)

  1. Targeted Temperature Management- Non-Invasive Cooling and Warming Systems:
    CritiCool (Therapeutic Hypothermia ICU), CritiCool Pro, Allon (Maintenance of Normothermia – OR), CliniLogger (collecting data during the procedures for studies and maintenance).
    Technology: Fully automatic servo-controlled labor free system, Very precise and stable temperature management (core and surface temp sensors), Tap water based system, Disposable wraps (wide variety of sizes – for all types of patients), Light weight machine (35 Kg), Silent operation, Connectivity to patient monitor (unique in the market), Transport capability (unique in the market)


  2. Transcutanous Bilirubin Meter: Bilicare


  3. Cardiac Catheterization: Horizon XVu Hemodynamic System


  4. Electrophysiology: EMS–XL System


  5. Patient Monitoring Systems: Vitalogik Monitors Series, Central Station, Network Connectivity, Remote Monitor, Modular Patient Monitor, Dual Channel EEG and aEEG.
    Technology: Display all Vital Signs, Non Invasive Model includes: HR/Resp/SpO2/NIBP/Temp, Invasive Model provides additional parameters: 2/4 BP, CO, Customizable to meet the user’s needs, Connectivity between bedside monitors, HIS, LIS and WEB access.


Objectives: 2B Opportunities.
Target businesses: Distributors and OEM Companies.
Target Countries: Worldwide.