Medlife – Advanced Medical Solutions

Healthcare IT
Diagnostic & Monitoring, Internet-based health info.
Therapeutic Area(s):
Cardiovascular, Obstetrics, Prenatal, fetal
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Medlife focus on new technology to improve medical systems and provide to the medicalteam better workflow, better view and ability to focus on patient care.

Our ECGs archive systems and obstetrics Products are built with the latest software technology and include many unique features on a pure web base system platform.

HOBar – advance fetal monitors real time surveillance and archive system for hospitals, clinics and home, The HOBar system connects to multivendor fetal monitors.

  • EMR multimodality interfaces.
  • Smart and convenience user interface.
  • Multi Displays support
  • Analyze center with sophisticate massaging features.
  • Special features for fetal and mother safety during monitoring.

Cardioi – Multi-Modular & multi-vendor ECG archive, View and analyze systems.

    • EMR multimodality interfaces.
    • Friendly user interface.

  • Support studies such as ECG, Stress, Holter, Lungs function and more….
  • Analyze center with sophisticate massaging features.

Among our customers are HMO’s such Clalit, Meuhedet, MOH hospitals and privet hospital.

The HOBar system is installed in 10 hospitals and 170 outpatient clinics all around Israel.

The Cardioi system is installed in 24 hospitals and 500 outpatient clinics all around Israel.