Therapeutic Area(s):
Neurology and Degenerative Disease, Neuroscience, Orthopaedic, Paediatrics, Rehabilitation
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Company at a Glance

MediTouch was established in 2004 with the aim of developing and distributing innovative physical rehabilitation solutions for hospital, community clinic and home care use.

MediTouch firstly targeted hand rehabilitation indications and launched its HandTutor™ system with CE and FDA certification in 2008. The HandTutor™ system is now used worldwide in major rehabilitation facilities, private occupational and physiotherapist practices and by home care patients.

In 2011 MediTouch launched three new Tutor products. Firstly, the ArmTutor™ allows for evaluation and virtual functional task evaluation of the arm including the shoulder and elbow. Secondly the LegTutor™ was introduced to allow evaluation and virtual functional task treatment of the hip and knee. Finally, the 3DTutor™, a wireless sensor was introduced. The 3DTutor™ can be positioned on several parts of the body and compliments the ArmTutor™ and LegTutor™ to give complete upper and lower extremity evaluation and treatment solutions, including leading TeleRehabilitation services based on the MediTutor ™ software.

In 2014 MediTouch launched The BalanceTutor™. Its new technology allows the therapist to create postural perturbation such as a slip or a trip. Its advanced technology utilizes the platform’s movement in a medial/lateral and forward/backward direction while the patient is standing, walking or running allowing customized postural control practice in the specific gait phase that the therapist chooses to focus on. This allows for a vast range of physical therapy indications. It is the only rehabilitation system that employs an advanced 4D perturbation patented treadmill, multiple force and movement sensors and customized motivational video games.

Technology & Product(s)

MediTouch develops Physical Rehabilitation Solutions based on hardware, dedicated rehabilitation software and physical rehabilitation clinical know-how. The solution is used by OTs and PTs in rehabilitation clinics both inpatient and outpatient, in community physical and occupational therapy clinics and by home users, worldwide. The MediTouch system uses computerized games enabling the therapist offer the patient more opportunities and environments both at the clinic’s and at home, to practice repetitive functional movements . MediTouch has also introduced a robotic dynamic balance trainer system that uses the proven principle of perturbation. All systems provide capture and recording of the quantitative data concerning the rehabilitation process and allow objective follow up to ensure therapy accountability.


Objectives: Establish and support a worldwide distribution network.
Target businesses: Physical Rehabilitation.
Target Countries: Worldwide.