Medic Shoes

Medical Devices
Medical Equipment
Therapeutic Area(s):
Diabetics, Peripheral Vascular
Company Status:
Initial Revenues

Medic Shoes were developed according to reflexology principles. Raised areas within the shoes apply pressure to specific points in the patient’s feet, while a vibration mechanism is prompted with a handheld remote-control device. Two engines located in the front and back of the shoe create two intensity levels of vibration, which can be modified for personal comfort. The vibration treatment increases blood flow, and has been clinically proven to provide patients with foot pain relief, tingling, and numbness.

Medic Shoes have demonstrated their effectiveness in research conducted by cardiologists: wearing Medic Shoes for 15-30 minutes a day led to a statistically significant positive impact on patients with diabetes or peripheral vascular disease. The shoes were designed for maximum comfort with secure straps that make the vibration treatment possible while sitting or lying down. The Medic Shoes treatment is entirely safe, providing an alternative and natural addition to your healthcare regimen. The usage of our shoes requires no external invasive procedures or pharmaceutical medications, limiting unwanted negative side effects that are often associated with diabetic treatments. So put on Medic Shoes and use your feet again – for foot pain relief anywhere, anytime.