Medibrane Ltd.

Raw materials and adhesives
Elastomers, thermoplastic, Polyurethane PU, Silicon

Company at a Glance:

Medibrane Ltd. is a designer, developer and manufacturer of encapsulation coatings and covers, implantable device coatings and bio-absorbable coatings and implants onto frame based devices- intended for a diverse range of minimally invasive surgical procedures, in such fields as neurology, cardiovascular, cardiology, and urology, as well as for gastroenterology.

Providing turnkey products and product components to medical device companies, Medibrane tailors the manufacturing process to each customer’s product, maximizing quality and volume, and reducing costs.

Our scientific team monitors highly intricate production, utilizing cutting-edge equipment in its state-of-the-art ISO 13485-certified manufacturing complex. Having acquired vast knowledge and proven expertise in manufacturing-process development, Medibrane handles the entire production pipeline from the customer’s prototype, through quality control, to repetitive manufacturing – providing close customer support.

Technology / Product / Services:

Encapsulation coating and covers onto frame based devices

Medibrane manufactures a variety of covers for self-expandable frames and other types of vascular and non-vascular implantable components in medical devices in diverse medical applications for such fields as gastroenterology, cardiology and urology, as well as cardiovascular, Neurology, biliary-pancreatic, respiratory and others. These durable covers manufactured in any required shape, and ensure firm adherence to any substrate material.


Objectives: Create value to our partners and assist in bringing their product into the market.
Target businesses: Cardiovascular and Neurovascular companies that develops frame base devices with thin wall membrane.
Target Countries: Worldwide.