Medasense Biometrics Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Pain Management
Company Status:
Regulatory Approval

Company at a Glance

Medasense meets the clinical need to objectively assess pain.

Pain affects quality of life for millions of patients. Unmanaged pain delays recovery, increases morbidity and mortality, and overburdens healthcare resources.

There are currently no clinically accepted tools to objectively assess pain. Clinicians must rely on patients’ subjective assessments, or simply guess when patients can’t communicate.

Medasense’s breakthrough NOL™ (Nociception Level) Technology, is the only pain assessment index based on dozens of pain-related physiological parameters and clinically validated as superior to other nociception/pain indicators. The patented platform technology is based on artificial intelligence algorithms and signal processing.
It enables objective, non-invasive, and continuous assessment and monitoring of the physiological response to pain.

Technology & Product(s)

Medasense’s flagship product is PMD-200™: an intraoperative pain monitoring system.
Based on the patented NOL™ technology, the PMD-200 provides objective, non-invasive, and continuous monitoring of the physiological response to pain.

The need: During general anesthesia, a patients’ body reacts to painful stimuli – although it is not consciously recognized. This intraoperative pain can stress the patient’s

body and worsen pain after surgery. As the patient cannot communicate it is hard for clinicians to evaluate.

Consequently, the patient may be given insufficient analgesia, which can promote postoperative pain, or excessive analgesia which can result in overdosing and related complications.

The solution: By using the PMD-200™ in operating rooms, for patients under general anesthesia, clinicians are able to assess nociception, and titrate analgesic medications – avoiding excessive use or underuse that may result in significant complications.

PMD-200™ is a simple to use, stand-alone monitor.

How it works: Medasense’s technology combines a non-invasive sensing unit and a monitor:

Sensing – a non-invasive finger probe continuously acquires pain-related physiological signals through four sensors.

Analyzing – artificial intelligence algorithms and signal processing identify and analyze changes in pain-related physiological patterns.

Grading – the information is presented on the PMD-200™ bedside monitor as a real time, personalized index – the NOL™ (Nociception level) index that varies from 0 (no pain) to 100 (extreme pain).


Objectives: Launch of PMD-200 pain monitoring system for operating rooms. Target OEM collaborations and strategic partnerships. Target distributors.
Target businesses: OEM, Distributors, Hospitals and Health Insurances.
Target Countries: Czech Republic, Baltics, Japan, South Korea, Slovenia, Hungary, Russia, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa.