Med-Dev Design Ltd

Company at a Glance

Med-Dev Design is a professional development company that specializes in medical software development solutions. Company services cover all aspects of medical device development, including: product and project management, software design, software development, software architecture, software verification and validation as well as documentation for the regulatory bodies. The Med-Dev Design team is made up
of an exceptional group of software and V&V engineers who bring more than 10 decades of experience in software development for a broad range of medical devices. Med-Dev Design offers a wide range of custom solutions tailored to each customer’s requirements working with companies at all stages of development.
Med-Dev Design customers enjoy engineering support with the highest possible standards for the design and development of medical software applications.

Technology & Product:

Med-Dev Design’s team broad-range experience and proven success allows to offer any company the opportunity to create highly complex medical devices, as well as prepare all necessary documentation for the regulatory authorities (FDA, CE) Our Main Services: Software Development; SQA Documentation for FDA/CE; Application and Software Definition; Development from Idea to Prototype and from Prototype to Final Product /Project; Multidisciplinary Product Development and Product Management Technologies Services: 3D medical image processing and 3D graphics; Visualization and Volume rendering; Segmentation; Registration; Meshing and re-meshing; Machine Learning; CT, MRI, NM, Ultrasound, X-Ray; EEG, ECG; DICOM; HL7; Cyber security; Cloud Med-Dev Design provides its customers with a high quality engineering support in design and development of medical applications, and in continuously improving medical device products. We accomplish this through a combination of core competencies like: creative solutions that fit the product exactly; quick and professional work; knowledge transfer to the customer.
We respond rapidly and integrate seamlessly with our customer’s team


Objectives: Cooperation.
Target businesses: Medical Devices R&D companies.
Target Countries: EU countries.