MDC Medical

Raw Materials and Adhesives, Tubings and tubing equipment
Compounds, Co-extruded tubings , IV tubings, PVC tubings, Polyurethane tubings, Polyamide tubings, Multilayer tubings

Company at a Glance

MDC Medical develops and manufactures Medical PVC compounds suitable for extrusion or injection molding.

MDC Medical formulations are DEHP free and phthalate free, and suitable for either Gama or EO sterilization.

All raw materials are high quality and sourced from selected suppliers. Production plant is fully automated to ensure high efficiency and product consistency across LOTs.
Furthermore, MDC manufacture Medical tubing from a variety of raw materials such as PVC, TPU, TPE, PE, PEBAX in ISO Class 8 clean room.

MDC Medical Compound and Tubing operations complies ISO 13485 quality control standard.

Technology & Product(s)

Compounding Capabilities:

MDC Medical formulation approved by external laboratory and conforms ISO 10993 and USP Class VI. Reports will be supplied upon request.

Formulations includes two groups DEHT plasticized formulations and TEHTM plasticized formulations from shore hardness 55 to shore hardness 90.

In addition to standard formulations, MDC medical customizes formulations according to client’s special needs.

Laboratory test report and COC is provided with every LOT supplied

Extrusion Capabilities: MDC produces extruded tubing with OD ranges from 0.5mm to 15mm and tolerances as tight as 0.01mm. Our extrusion capabilities include: Single-lumen tubing, tube marking stripe, twin, triple and quad tubing, multi layers tubing, thin-walled tubing, lay flat tubing, micro bore tubing and profiles.


Objectives: New customers, National representatives
Target businesses: Medical devices manufacturers, OEM disposable sets and mini sets companies, Medical sets integrators
Target Countries: Europe, Mediterranean countries