Jonathan Bar-Or Industrial Design Ltd.

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Company at a Glance

Jonathan Bar-Or Industrial Design Ltd. (JBD) specializes in the design, development and production of medical and wearable products that interact with the human body.

Over the years, since 1993, JBD has gained in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience in ergonomic design, product development, usability, innovative and effective technologies, smart and biocompatible materials and overall product look and feel.

JBD offers its international and local clients a full scope of product design and development services. From initial ideation to product in hand, our meticulous process is geared towards optimizing development and meeting budget requirements. Our production workshops are ISO 13485 certified, thus ensuring high quality medical products.

JBD’s multidisciplinary team includes Industrial designers, engineers, human factors specialists, textile designers and production know-how professionals. Our team works together under one roof in three perfectly synchronized units: design and development, technological textiles and serial production. Deep understanding of the whole process enables us to design and provide tailored solutions as well as medically certified production processes. Our methodological path ensures seamless transformation from creative ideas to excellent products that offer users improved usability and experience.

Technology / Products / Services:

Jonathan Bar-Or Industrial Design Ltd. (JBD) provides a variety of in-house design, development and serial production solutions, using an assortment of materials and technologies.

At JBD we have created a carefully planned development path that has been proven effective in bringing products from concept to serial production. Our process begins with understanding the client’s requirements, writing product specifications and analyzing user scenarios. This is followed by conceptual and detailed design, mechanical engineering, prototyping, serial production and production supervision. Our production workshops are ISO 13485 certified, thus ensuring high quality products.

Supporting our meticulous process in a range of production capabilities help sustain product development. Our services range from textile technologies such as hot-melt, ultrasonic welding, sewing, and prototyping, to production of tools, various 3D printing technologies, rapid prototyping, CNC machining, silicon and PU molding, to name a few.

Additionally, we hold a large stock of advanced and medically graded materials including elastomers and textiles. Immediate access to materials expedites the sample and prototype process, enabling quick response as well as highly effective product testing.

Successfully combining product design with a broad production expertise effectively minimizes time to market.


Objectives: Present our capabilities. Create new contacts and leads for design, development, production projects. Establish collaborations with suppliers and other service providers
Target businesses: Medical and wearable product companies, startups, collaborations with other European service providers and design studios
Target Countries: Europe