Medical devices
Medical Equipment, Telemedicine
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EMS - Emergency Medicine Services, Cardiovascular, Respiratory
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Initial Revenues

Inovytec Medical Solutions Ltd. (“Inovytec”) specializes in cutting-edge technologies for medical emergencies’ first-line solutions, particularly for respiratory and cardiac critical aid. Inovytec products are designed to save lives where the first few minutes are crucial and dramatically affect patient’s outcome. Inovytec’s vision is to provide efficient live-saving devices for use by any first-responders, Anytime, Anywhere.


Our devices

The Lubo™ Airway Collar offers a combined solution for both airway and immobilization needs. While the Lubo is the only non-invasive solution that can safely open the airway by imitating the jaw thrust maneuver for a long time, it is the only immobilization device that allows the care giver to manage the airway easily, frees the neck from the “traditional neck grasp” while performing solid immobilization.

The SALI™ is a new-breed solution for respiratory and cardiac emergencies. It is a full critical first aid solution that creates a virtual hospital environment at the scene and significantly increases the effectiveness of the medical treatment.

SALI has CE certification.

The Ventway Sparrow™ The unique combination of high-performance ventilation and light (1kg), small and easy to use ventilator, makes the Ventway the perfect solution for any emergency scenario where efficient and quick ventilation is required.