Therapeutic Area(s):
EMS - Emergency Medicine Services, Cardiovascular, Respiratory
Company Status:
Initial Revenues

Company at a Glance

Inovytec is engaged in the design; development and manufacturing of essential critical care solutions for use in out-of-hospital environment. Our innovative devices are designed to be used by first responders in order to administer effective first-aid treatment to persons undergoing medical emergency events.
We aim to save lives at the scene by spreading our cutting edge technology which represents the next generation of out-of-hospital medical emergencies treatment. Our solutions enable to address respiratory, cardiac and CNS failures that are untreatable by the currently available solutions at the first curtail minutes of the medical emergency event.
Inovytec is led by a team of highly-experienced executives and R&D engineers, and supported by internationallyrecognized experts in emergency medicine, intensive care and cardiology.

Technology & Product(s)

Our devices:
The Lubo™ is a single-use, non-invasive airway device which imitates mechanically the well known ‘Jaw-Thrust’ maneuver. Lubo allows any first responder to manage airway by a simple and easy to use device.
In addition, the Lubo allows neck-free immobilization contributing to airway management in patients suspected of cervical spine injury. Lubo allows immobilizing the cervical spine in trauma cases, without pressure on the cariotic and jaguar veins and without increasing the ICP (Intracranial pressure) in the skull. Lubo started sales with CE, FDA, Anvisa, CFDA, TGA, KFDA clearances.
The SALI™ is a family of products is Invoytec’s answer to the new generation of out-of-hospital respiratory and cardiac critical care. Self-contained, automated, cloud-connected, simple-to-use, reinforced with full walk-through-instructions.
SALI supports the ability of any first-responder to treat and monitor a full A-B-C (Airway, Breathing, and Circulation) with CPR and real time data communication to any remote emergency center.
The VentWay™ is a family of lightweight (1.1Kg or less) small size mechanical ventilators, designed for out-of-hospital critical care and oxygen therapy in field conditions and during transit. This innovative ventilator perfects the standard of care in military medicine, home care environment and transport medicine.
The technology of multi-functionality along with light-weight and portability features, positioning VentWay™ as the optimal solution for various acute respiratory emergencies.


Objectives: To have Inovytec’s innovative solutions placed in out-of-hospital surrounding and used by first responders in civilian, disaster management and military markets.
Target businesses: Strategic distributors and partners.
Target Countries: Europe, Asia, North America