Medical Devices
Medical Research equipment
Therapeutic Area(s):
Neuroscience, Neurology & Degenerative Disease, Pediatrics, Psychiatry
Company Status:
Clinical trials

InnoSphere is developing innovative medical devices for treating cognitive disorders, focusing on ADHD.

We facilitate the use of multiple non-invasive electric brain stimulation techniques at high accuracy and real-time feedback, to multiple brain regions.

InnoSphere’s unique patent pending technologies enable treating cognitive disorders accurately and safely, without pharmaceutical drugs and side effects.

These days, we are conducting clinical studies and trials led by key opinion leaders at Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem, and at King’s College of London, with children suffering from ADHD. The studies are performed in collaboration with the University of Oxford and Yale University.

We seek collaboration with research hospitals, research institutes and clinics for conducting further clinical studies, and providing a first in market treatment.

Our technology is versatile and applicable to various neuro-related indications, from learning and cognitive disorders, depression and anxiety to neuro-degenerative conditions and even stroke. Therefore, after obtaining our CE mark on our research device, we are proud to offer our unique brain stimulation capabilities to researchers in different fields. With our technology, researchers can perform new studies that were not available to date, and stay at the cutting edge of science and research.

Multi-region brain stimulation, unparalleled accuracy and double blindness, are in reach, without compromising convenience and ease of operation.