IceCure Medical Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Women's Health, Oncology
Company Status:
Initial Revenues

Company at a Glance

IceCure Medical is an Israeli company that develops and markets minimally invasive cryoablation therapies for women’s health and other areas. Our proprietary IceSense3™ system provides minimally invasive, in-office definitive treatment for breast tumors, both benign and breast cancer (1).

IceCure sells its products in the U.S (both direct and by distributors through its subsidiary IceCure Medical, Inc. having its office in Memphis, Tennessee). Among our U.S clients are breast centers in reputable institutions as well as private clinics operated by breast surgeons and radiologists. In other geographies, IceCure uses specialized distributors that provide clinical and technical sales support in Asia and Europe.

IceCure has FDA and CE approval for broad benign and malignant indications. The company is also in advanced regulatory process in China with the CFDA (Console/Machine already approved 6/2016 – single use probes in process) as well as other Asian and South American countries.

Thanks to its unique and innovative technology, IceCure participate in several clinical studies for treatment of other indications such as lung cancer, Kidney cancer and breast cancer. The company also develops a product for treating uterine fibroids.

With the global trend of taking procedures from the operating room to the office environment and decreasing their costs, IceCure’s innovation brings the future to the present!

(1)Under clinical studies in the U.S and Japan

Technology & Product(s)

Cryoblation is a minimally-invasive ultrasound /CT guided treatment that uses extreme cold to freeze and accurately destroy diseased tissue within the tumor zone. The ablated tumor becomes necrotic and as such, shrinks and absorbed by the immune system. Cryoablation exists more than 2 decades and has been successfully used in various application based on slow, gas-based technology. IceCure uses liquid-Nitrogen based technology which is more compact, faster and more efficient.

IceCure sells the IceSense3™ system in the U.S since mid-2011 for the treatment of benign breast tumors under CPT code 19105, with support of the American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBS). Recently, clinical results from a study of treatment of small breast cancer tumors were published, showing no cancer recurrence after follow-up period of up to 6 years. IceCure intends to continue with more U.S and international studies in this promising direction.

The procedure is a safe and effective treatment option that has the following characteristics:

  • Performed by one physician
  • An office procedure
  • Local anesthesia
  • Can be completed in 5-15 minutes
  • No pain
  • No scar, superior cosmetic results
  • Short recovery time
  • Promising treatment for small breast cancer tumors(1)

(1)Under clinical studies in the U.S and Japan


Objectives: Expand sales in Europe, Asia and other countries, use platform to enter new areas.
Target businesses: Women’s health, interventional oncology, general surgery.
Target Countries: On top of the U.S, Europe, China, India, Latin America