HemaClear® by OHK

Medical Devices
Medical Equipment
Therapeutic Area(s):
Orthopedic, General Surgery, Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

OHK Medical Devices is a privately held Medical Devices Company.  It manufactures and sells innovative patent-protected products. These single-use devices are used in orthopedic surgery, vascular surgery, and emergency medicine. HemaClear® provides quick, effective displacement of blood from limbs and blocks its reentry.

HemaClear® is 100% sterile and creates a bloodless surgical field. Over 1.1 million procedures were performed on 5 continents. They’ve shown excellent acceptance by users and an impeccable safety track record.

Key opinion leaders in adult and pediatric medical centers worldwide endorse HemaClear®.

OHK recently launched the HemaShock™ product line for Emergency Medicine.

HemaShock™ auto-transfuses a patient’s own blood from the limbs into central circulation. It’s applied during severe shock and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

HemaClear® Single-Use Surgical Tourniquets uniquely combine two key functions:

  • Shifting blood from an extremity (exsanguination)
  • Creating an effective arterial block (tourniquet)

HemaClear® Tourniquets create a bloodless surgical field within seconds. There’s no need for any extra equipment.

The narrow HemaClear® footprint provides a broad surgical field and improves anatomical visibility.

Studies show HemaClear® Sterile Tourniquets dramatically reduce post-procedure complications. Less SSI. Reduced incidence of post-op DVT / pulmonary embolism. Diminished tourniquet pain. No skin injury. No tourniquet-induced nerve damage.

HemaClear® comes in a wide range of sizes, for both upper and lower extremities. They fit any patient – from infants to obese adults.

HemaClear® is simple to use and reduces OR clutter.