Medical Devices, Healthcare IT
Diagnostic & Monitoring, Wearables
Therapeutic Area(s):
Cardiovascular, General Health, Vital Signs
Company Status:
Initial Revenues

HealthWatch Ltd. is a medical device company, dedicated to developing next generation wearable monitoring solutions, designed to enhance personal safety and reduce risk for general care patients. Using emerging connectivity technologies, the products seamlessly and transparently secure personal health around the clock, to immediately notify both patients and medical professionals when an emergency is sensed. HealthWatch’s innovative continuous monitoring systems represent a breakthrough in wearable heart-sensing textile electrodes technology (3-12 lead ECG) – all integrated into easy-to-wear everyday garments, enabling early detection of patient deterioration, inside or outside the hospital. Caregivers can now effectively monitor patients remotely, while reducing hospital readmission rates and cost of care.

Master Caution® is the first and only patented platform technology with a 12-lead ECG smart digital garment that is also a medical device (CE/FDA-cleared) and is the answer to the growing paradigm shift within the healthcare ecosystem. When integrated as a full system – the digital garment, AI control module, and virtual cloud and server system – the Master Caution® allows for the delivery of near real-time actionable data and other unparalleled medical advantages allowing for tailor-made alerts. Coupled with personalized physician supervision and an ability for a 24/7 monitoring, Master Caution® can be used anywhere, anytime, without disturbing one’s lifestyle.

HealthWatch’s solutions offer exciting new revenue streams, with total available market potential of more than $35B. Our patented platform technology has wide market applications.
Future applications will provide safer and more comprehensive monitoring of active elderly, pregnant women, and first responders.