H.R.Z. Software Services

Image Processing and Archiving, PACS Archiving

Medical Imaging and Healthcare IT software solutions

H.R.Z. Software services LTD develops innovative Medical Imaging and Healthcare IT software solutions. We offer validated, documented, and field tested, proven technology.

Our Customers are Medical Imaging Devices manufacturers, Hospitals, Healthcare Services and Imaging Clinics.

Our Products:

  • RZDCX™ DICOM® SDK keeps you focused on your core technology development. RZDCX allows you to build DICOM applications in seconds. Read, update and create DICOM files, send and receive DICOM images over the network, and use other services such as DICOM Query/Retrieve, DICOM Print, Modality Worklist, Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS) and Storage Commitment.
  • HRZiKiT™ Healthcare Integration Engine, combines a DICOM Archive (PACS), a Modality Worklist Server and an HL7 Message Broker, all sharing the same database and communicating with each other. The kit injects simplicity and flexibility into Healthcare IT and EMR Integration by enabling non-programmers to set-up and maintain the PACS and the IS complex workflow procedures in multi-vendor environment.
  • MODALIZER™ Converts Images, Video and Documents to the DICOM Standard and imports them to your PACS. MODALIZER simplifies DICOM conversion and PACS import tasks by guiding the user through an easy to follow step-by-step wizard. MODALIZER is FDA Class I listed #D342789.