Guide In Medical

Therapeutic Area(s):
Respiratory, EMS - Emergency Medicine Services, ICU - Intensive Care Unit, General Surgery
Company Status:
Regulatory Approval, Clinical Trials

Company at a Glance

Guide In Medical is a medical device company specializing in the respiratory field. The company has developed a novel groundbreaking non-invasive guided intubation device. Our device enables clear identification of the trachea, as well as fast, accurate and safe intubations even in the most difficult clinical scenarios in which visualization of the trachea is very limited.

The company is ISO 13485 certified and received the CE Mark while FDA market approval is expected towards the end of 2017.

The company is seeking for collaboration with distributors and strategic partners.

Technology & Product(s)

Guide In Medical’s guided intubation device is based on a non-invasive electronic illumination patch, which is placed on the patient’s neck.

Once activated, the device transmits signal to the underlying tissues. The signal is completely absorbed by the surrounding tissues, while a fraction of it is emitted solely by the trachea, thus enabling the clear identification of its position during intubations procedures.

Video laryngoscopes, which are capable of detecting the emitted signal, are used to guide the insertion of the ETT into the trachea.

The Guide In device is disposable, one time use and is uniquely capable of transforming ordinary video intubation devices into guided devices, thus facilitating intubation even in the most difficult clinical scenarios.


Objectives: Finding partners, distributors and suppliers.
Target businesses: Hospitals, distributors, partners and suppliers.
Target Countries: EU, USA, Canada, Asia (China and Japan).