Therapeutic Area(s):
EMS - Emergency Medicine Services, ICU - Intensive Care Unit, Respiratory, General Surgery
Company Status:
Clinical trials

Company at a Glance

Guide In Medical is a medical device company engaged in the respiratory field, developing a guided intubation device. The system enables a clear identification of the trachea, fast, accurate and safe intubations even in difficult situations where visualization of the trachea is limited.
Guide In Medical secured $750K in 2015 from NGT3VC and the Israeli OCS and licensed the technology from Hadassah Medical Center and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
The company successfully completed 2 preclinical cadavers’ studies, enabling it to reach prototype design freeze and initiate manufacturing process. First clinical study and CE submission are planned for the end of 2016.
The company is intended to develop the product until market approval, while seeking collaboration with a strategic player.

Technology & Product(s)

Guide In Medical is developing an external disposable signal source. The signal source is placed upon the patient’s neck and transmitters signal towards the trachea. Video devices which are in the market are capable of detecting the signal, which comes back only from the trachea and not from the esophagus.
The device is an “add on” to intubation video devices which are in the market. The device enables to distinguish the trachea from the esophagus, guide the clinician to the correct position of the trachea fast and accurately.
Guide In Medical’s competitive advantage is the ability to recognize the trachea’s location even in situations of lack or limited visualization, where current intubation devices fail to do so.


Objectives: Finding partners, distributors and suppliers.
Target businesses: Hospitals, distributors, partners and suppliers.
Target Countries: EU, USA, Canada, Asia (China and Japan).