Medical Devices, Healthcare IT
Diagnostic & Monitoring, Telemedicine, mHealth
Therapeutic Area(s):
Endocrinology, Diabetics
Company Status:
Initial Revenues

GlucoMe is a digital health company developing and marketing a comprehensive digital diabetes care solution that streamlines and simplifies diabetes care for patients, caregivers, and medical professionals. The GlucoMe platform includes: affordable wireless blood glucose and insulin pen monitors which uniquely work with audio connectivity, a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android devices and a Digital Diabetes Clinic (DDC) – a cloud-based diabetes management software for healthcare professionals.

The GlucoMe solution simplifies diabetes management and lessens the burden of diabetes monitoring for medical teams and patients. It makes it easier for diabetes clinics to provide more efficient and when necessary, immediate care, by enabling digital and/or face-to-face intervention for the right patients at the right time, based on real-time information, timely alerts and continuous communication. For the first time, doctors can easily review and assess massive quantities of data – real-time information, trends, analysis, treatment recommendations – and for up to 10X more patients than they could with only face-to-face office visits.

GlucoMe’s solution also makes it easy for patients to regularly monitor their blood glucose levels. The solution encourages a combination of face-to-face in-clinic and digital (virtual) visits enabling ongoing communication, treatment changes as necessary and immediate intervention as required, no matter the location of the patient.

The solution has a CE mark. FDA clearance is anticipated in 2018. It is also registered in additional global areas including Israel, India, as well as several Asian and Latin America countries.