GlucoMe Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Endocrinology, Diabetics
Company Status:
Initial Revenues

Company at a Glance

GlucoMe is a comprehensive digital diabetes care platform that simplifies the way medical professionals, patients and caregivers manage diabetes.

Glucose measurements and insulin intake are automatically recorded by patient’s smartphone, and saved in the cloud. GlucoMe’s personalized reports, actionable insights, real-time alerts and proactive treatment approach help medical professionals, patients and caregivers ensure compliance, optimize diabetes management and impact overall quality of life.

GlucoMe’s Digital Diabetes Clinic integrates with EHR and continuously analyzes clinical data, providing treatment recommendations for each patient. Along with population management, GlucoMe enables digital or face-to-face intervention for the right patients at the right time

GlucoMe is CE certified and expects FDA clearance in 2017. It has 9 patents pending worldwide and conforms with ISO 15197:2013.

Technology & Product(s)

GlucoMe™ Blood Glucose Monitor
The wireless GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor measures and seamlessly communicates blood glucose data to any iOS or Android mobile device. With no wires or complex communication protocols, reliable ongoing health information is immediately available via the GlucoMe Mobile App and the cloud-based Digital Diabetes Clinic.

GlucoMe™ Insulin Pen Monitor
The wireless GlucoMe Insulin Pen Monitor turns any insulin pen into an automatic intake monitor. For all leading insulin pen brands, GlucoMe automatically transfers insulin intake information to any iOS or Android mobile device, and ensures safe data storage on the cloud.

GlucoMe™ Mobile App
The GlucoMe Mobile App collects clinical information automatically from the GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor and Insulin Pen Monitor securely transmits it in real time for cloud-based analysis. Personalized and smart insights, along with guidance from medical professionals, ensure effective treatment and reinforce healthy self-care behavior.

GlucoMe™ Digital Diabetes Clinic (DDC)
GlucoMe DDC delivers a new level of patient communication and treatment decision support. Leveraging highly accurate, real-time data gathered directly from each patient’s smarthone and analyzed by advanced algorithms, GlucoMe DDC enables medical professionals to remotely monitor patient condition, adjust treatment plans and send professional recommendations directly to patients.


Objectives: Find business and strategic partners.
Target businesses: Distributors, telemedicine providers, healthcare providers.
Target Countries: Worldwide