GlucoMe Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Endocrinology, Diabetics
Company Status:
Initial Revenues

Company at a Glance

GlucoMe™’s vision is to simplify diabetes management and treatment in order to improve outcomes and reduce costs.
GlucoMe™ provides an ecosystem that empowers and connects the patient, caregivers, healthcare providers and payers. Its comprehensive platform combines diabetes monitoring hardware, mobile software and bigdata cloud computing infrastructure.
The GlucoMe™ solution enables better integrated treatment, higher compliance, improved HbA1c levels and reduced health care costs.

Technology & Product(s)

GlucoMe™ Blood Glucose Meter
A wireless meter (patent-pending) that communicates blood glucose measurements to any mobile device.
The GlucoMe™ meter works with both iOS and Android platforms and with any smartphone model.
GlucoMe™ Insulin Pen Monitor
Addresses the challenges of insulin delivery and treatment compliance. Insulin intake data is harnessed and communicated to the user’s mobile device via wireless acoustic communication, and recorded on the GlucoMe™ mobile app.
GlucoMe™ Mobile App
Serves as a personalized diabetes management system. The app gathers the patient’s clinical information automatically and evaluates it to provide comprehensive smart data analysis. Together with a full set of supportive tools and actionable insights, the GlucoMe™ app closes the gap between the patient’s selfmanagement, the caregiver’s supervision and the doctor’s professional support.
GlucoMe™ Diabetes Management System
A web-based big-data solution for healthcare professionals. The system enables real-time clinical information sharing, and provides comprehensive data analysis and clinical decision support.


Objectives: Find business partners.
Target businesses: Distributors, telemedicine providers.
Target Countries: European countries.