Flight Medical

Therapeutic Area(s):
Respiratory, EMS - Emergency Medicine Services, ICU - Intensive Care, Unit Primary Care, Pulmonary
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Company at a Glance

Established in 1996, Flight Medical is a part of publicly traded Ilex group (TLV:ILX). Flight Medical is vertically integrated medical device company specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of high-end versatile ventilators.

For the last 20 years Flight Medical acquired unique experience in mechanical ventilation working with customers all over the world. Well-known portable ventilator HT50* sold and supported by Newport (Covidien/Medtronic) was developed and manufactured using Flight Medical technology.

Today, Flight Medical operates in 50 countries and won its reputation as truly reliable partner in ventilation.

New generation of Flight Medical ventilators, the Flight 60 (F60) – state of the art ventilators provides ICU quality affordable ventilation whenever is needed.

In recent years, over 20,000 ventilators were deployed worldwide for use in ICU, Step down units, Emergency Room (ER), Transport environment (ambulance, helicopters, airplane, etc. FAA approved), Homecare and Long term institutes (Nursing homes).

Flight Medical ventilators are reliable, easy to use, functionality rich and highly affordable ventilators.

The Flight60 series is the most versatile autonomous ventilator in the market.

Technology & Product(s)

light 60 is a Turbine- based mechanical ventilator designed to address the growing need for ventilation in hospital, long term care, emergency, in-hospital transport, home care and sub-acute. The Flight 60 ventilator is cost effective and offers outstanding clinical performance in a compact and lightweight design. Our ventilators offer advanced ventilation modes, advanced monitoring, easy to use, have invasive and non-invasive capabilities, and unique double battery concept with a total of up to 8-hours battery life (hot swappable battery).

Flight 60 features:

ICU quality in a 5.5Kg ventilator – Flight 60 with advanced modes B-LEV (Bi-Phasic, APRV) and VG (Vt Guarantee – AVAPS/ MV Guarantee) maintain ICU level of care even during transport.

Pressure/Volume Control – Pressure/Flow triggers: whatever the patient situation is, the F60 will adapt to the patient’ needs and capabilities to achieve the most natural breathing.

Acute NIV – Flight 60 Turbine ventilator provides up to 60lpm leak compensation with 220lpm maximum flow for excellent NIV performance.

Internal O2 Mixer: High Pressure/ Low flow Oxygen ports to provide Oxygen in any venue/situation

Integrated Nebulizer Port – Synchronized and volume compensated nebulizer port provides excellent patient’s safety.

Ventoux: Ventoux™ is Flight Medical’s newest ventilator series, delivering ICU quality performance to neonatal, Pediatric and adult patients.


Objectives: Nourish and develop strategic partnerships (such as OEM and technology transfer), in addition to establishing a global distribution network.
Target businesses: Set worldwide distribution channels for our ventilators in hospitals, home care, transport and long-term care market segments. Develop strategic partnerships on commercial and technological levels.
Target Countries: Worldwide.