Estar Medical

Medical Devices, Biotechnology
Tissue Engineering & Cell Therapy, Biomaterials & Plasma Products, Medical Equipment, Diagnostic Kits
Therapeutic Area(s):
Dermatology & Aesthetics, Orthopedic, Wound Management, Ophthalmology, Dental & Oral care, Veterinary
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Estar Medical operates in the Cell Therapy/Biologics/Regenerative Medicine fields and is known for being the inventor of the Tropocells® and Cellenis® Platelet-Rich-Plasma Systems (“Tropocells PRP” and/or “Cellenis PRP”) – offering a unique and extremely effective way to enhance and promote a significant platelet-rich-plasma production. Tropocells® and Cellenis® PRP (FDA & CE approved) are revolutionary repair devices that use the body’s own growth-factors for wound/skin repair and rejuvenation designated for a variety of medical applications such as orthopedics & sports medicine, wound-care, dentistry, aesthetics/dermatology, veterinary, pain-management and ophthalmology.


The Tropocells® technology is a revolutionary and promising medical approach in tissue regeneration which concentrates the patient’s own cells (platelets) in a small amount of plasma. Upon injection into the treated area these cells release large amount of growth factors which immediately creates a synergistic effect for maximizing regenerative results.  high concentrations to the treated site.

Among the key advantages of the product:

  • Proprietary gel separator and filtration method ensures the outcome of a clear PRP;
  • Tropocells® is US patented, FDA cleared (510K for orthopedic applications) and CE certified.