EMI Integrated Systems Ltd.

Company at a Glance

EMI Integrated Systems Ltd. is trusted by industry leaders in the medical device, aerospace, and hightech
sectors around the world, to deliver complex, high-precision parts, electromechanical modules, and
assemblies. Employing the most advanced techniques and equipment, EMI is committed to manufacturing at
the highest levels of quality and complexity.
Partnering with EMI brings you three decades of experience merged with knowledge and expertise at the
cutting-edge of technology for high-precision electromechanical parts and modules. This combination
allows us to offer exclusive tailor-made engineering and manufacturing solutions using all types of metals,
plastics, and exotic materials, on schedule and with excellence you can rely on.
EMI’s expertise and track record in the medical device market ranges from body invasive implants such as
heart valves and spinal implants to medical delivery systems and key electromechanical modules for devices
such as respiratory ventilation systems.

Technology & Product(s)

Leveraging EMI’s high-precision, 5-axis CNC machining centers using simultaneous milling and turning
technologies, EMI manufactures parts with micro-millimeter precision. We produce parts ranging in size
from 1 to 400mm with the highest precision and complexity to meet the demands of the highly competitive
medical device, high-tech, and aerospace industries.
EMI’s dedication to excellence extends to all areas of our operations, including our commitment to fully
traceable materials, world class manufacturing equipment, a fully implemented ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and
AS 9100 certified Quality Management System and the exceptional personal support and service that have
made us a leading manufacturer of complex parts and modules for the medical device, aerospace, and hightech


Objectives: Adding one or more global company from the Medical field as a customer of EMI.
Target Businesses: Companies with a products/parts where complex CNC machining in needed.
Target Countries: EU (Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, France).