Elscint Tomography

Medical Devices
Imaging, Diagnostic & Monitoring
Therapeutic Area(s):
Women's Health, Oncology
Company Status:
Clinical trials

Elscint Tomography develops and manufactures a unique Linear Velocity Tomograph for the Breast, based on a proprietary technology, enabling MDs and Health clinics worldwide to offer women better breast scans with no exposure to harmful X-Rays radiation and with no breast compression. It allows performing breast scans at younger ages and as often as needed, allowing private clinics to offer a needed service that is not met by current technologies in this market.

  • NON-X-RAY full imaging of the pendant breast in less than a minute.
  • REPETITIVE imaging as often as needed, at any age, without CUMULATIVE RADIATION DAMAGE
  • NO RUSH to SURGERY “Breast imaging” may be repeated, to watch for “Growth” if any, in sequential examinations.
  • IMAGES ANGIOGENESIS (blood supply) characterizing malignant tumors
  • Reconstructs 3D Volume of high velocity Breast tissue extending across consecutive slices, thus enabling to measure TUMOR GROWTH.
  • Enables to view the “Margins” of excised tumors, if any, after surgery.
We are looking for partners interested in renting Breast Velocity Tomographs and offering breast scanning services to patients in their geographic area.