Therapeutic Area(s):
Cardiovascular, Infection Control, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Respiratory, Psychiatry, Pulmonary
Company Status:
Initial Revenues, Revenue Growth

Company at a Glance

Founded in 2004, EarlySense is the market leader in contact-free and continuous monitoring technology. Validated in peer-reviewed studies and hospital installations around the world, EarlySense’s unique, sensing technology continuously monitors patients’ vital signs to improve care, save lives and reduce costs. EarlySense’s FDA/CE-cleared products have been successfully applied in numerous healthcare  environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and long-term care facilities. The company has partnered with distributors in the US, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia, and is credited with saving hundreds of lives and saving millions of dollars each year in reduced hospital days, patient falls, adverse events and more. In addition, EarlySense’s patented technology lies at the heart of numerous consumer digital health systems such as Samsung’s SleepSense, Beurer’s Sleep Expert and iFit’s Wellness Platform. The company
is currently developing its own consumer product, which will be tailored for the elderly population with remote viewing options.

Technology & Product(s)

EarlySense’s system addresses the specific requirements of clinical teams taking care of patients, enabling them to continuously monitor them rather than just “spot check” once every few hours. The system is comprised of a unique sensor placed under the patient’s mattress, a bedside monitor, a central display station and smart mobile devices. It provides continuous monitoring for heart and respiratory rates and trends, enabling the clinical staff to identify patient deterioration early and prevent potential adverse events such as falls, decubitus (pressure ulcers) and helps support early detection of sepsis hospital protocols.
EarlySense’s technology is available in a compact OEM module that allows companies and developers to integrate and expand its use in their own products and services. The integration supports any combination of the main EarlySense modules – respiratory rate, heart rate, prevention of pressure ulcer / decubitus, prevention of patient falls and sleep analysis.
EarlySense’s digital health consumer solution provides detailed analysis of wellness and sleep. This solution comprises a smart phone app and a contact-free sensor placed under the mattress for wireless tracking of the home users’ sleep and health.


Objectives: To locate business partners for commercial and development purposes, strategic partners for integrating and implementing EarlySense technology and distribution partners that work with hospitals and long-term care facilities.
Target businesses: For our hospital solution – patient monitoring companies, hospital chains, distribution companies. For our OEM solutions – manufacturers of patient monitoring equipment, Tele monitoring, Remote monitoring, hospital beds, Sleep and Apnea monitors manufacturers, home health care/ambient assisted living equipment.
For our home solution – home care distribution companies, home care service providers.
For our consumer/wellness solution – key players in the consumer wellness space, investment firms.
Target Countries: EMEA, Latin America, Asia-Pacific.