Therapeutic Area(s):
Gynecology, Women's Health, Dermatology & Aesthetics
Company Status:
R&D, Initial Revenues

Company at a Glance

DYN R&D was founded in 2002 as a development and commercialization subsidiary of DYN Diagnostics Group, since 1990 one of Israel’s largest distributors of leading international brands in the fields of In-Vitro Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Over-the-Counter Products, Disposables and more.

Spurred by the innovative spirit and startup atmosphere that drive the Israeli market, DYN R&D decided to harness its extensive knowledge and experience to launch into the world of research and development. DYN Diagnostics’ professional reputation put DYN R&D at the forefront of opportunities and collaboration with opinion leaders, research facilities and health institutes.

DYN R&D creates advanced solutions to both Medical Devices and Molecular Diagnostics fields. In addition, DYN R&D offers customized solutions tailored to individual customer needs, such as medical-platform interfaces and genetic markers that enable diagnosis that is more accurate and personalized treatment of medical conditions.

DYN R&D also specializes in Genetic Agriculture Marker Analysis. Due to growing demand for solutions in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology, in 2008 DYN R&D launched the Genotype® brand, offering unique DNA markers and smart breeding solutions.

DYN R&D complies with the ISO 13485:2003 international standard for medical devices and maintains a full quality management system.

Technology & Product(s):

CIN Finder 3000 Digital Colposcopy System

The CIN FINDER 3000 Colposcopy System offers GYN physicians a complete solution for colposcopy examinations and documentation. The CIN FINDER 3000 is a “one stop” system, which combines the CIN FINDER 3000 patient management software with a top-of-the-art HD video colposcopy camera, a medical grade all-in-one computer and a customized, space efficient operator cart. The integrated systems provide physicians with the necessary tools to perform the entire examination process from a single platform.

The CIN FINDER 3000 software was developed with the assistance of key opinion-leader physicians from both the common cervix examination and sexual assault fields in Israel. The software is designed to provide physicians with a user-friendly approach for examination, image storage and annotation, image comparison, pathological report management, data summarization, patient follow-up and more.

CIN FINDER software is available in two different applications – Cervical Examination and Sexual Assault Documentation. The functions of each application are suited to the common procedures and protocols of each of the disciplines. The glossary of each platform is based on professional examination terms, with the cervix examination platform also based on the updated Bethesda (TBS) colposcopy guidelines.

DYN R&D has more than 10 years of experience in the colposcopy field in Israel, specifically in cervical clinics, sexual assault centers and emergency rooms for adults and children.

System’s Key Features: Full courses of examination built with key opinion physicians; Professional glossaries based on Bethesda (TBS) colposcopy guidelines; User-friendly interface; Sharp and vivid HD image; Excellent HD color definition with optical zoom; Efficient patient management tools;
CE-approved; Coming Soon: Integration with HL7 and compliance with DICOM standards


Objectives: To provide innovative, accurate and fast solutions while maintaining high levels of reliable customer service.
Target businesses: Medical Device Distributors
Target Countries: All EMEA countries