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Dr. Sagie Bedwetting Clinics” is an Israeli company established in 1984 by Dr. Jacob Sagie, Ph.D and Tal Sagie. They operate 9 bedwetting clinics in Israel as well as clinics in New York. They have treated patients from all over the world.
Dr. Sagie was the founder and director of the enuresis clinic of Schneider Children Medical Center (SCMC) since 1994.The unique Multi-Modality face-to-face treatment was developed by Dr. Sagie, based on clinical and research experience with an over 40,000 patients, age 4-35 and produces an over 90% success rate. This treatment model was transferred into an online web-based treatment called TheraPee.
TheraPee – A unique, innovative solution for bedwetting.
A combination of an exclusively developed device together with sophisticated software and unique tailor-made treatment plan

It is on the market since 2013 available in English, Spanish, German, Hebrew and Turkish. We’re planning to penetrate into new markets such as Germany, France, U.K, India, China, Japan, Korea, Arab countries and more by offering the product in more languages.
We are looking for potential and appropriate partners in order to distribute our products in the targeted markets.
TheraPee’s annual growth is more than 80%.
Since the worldwide target population is enormous and no proper solution is being offered, the economic potential is very high.