Dpe Medical Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Rehabilitation, Cardiovascular, Neurology & Degenerative Disease, Neuroscience, Orthopedic, Pediatrics, Pulmonary, General Health
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Company at a Glance

Total Stairs and Gait Training Solutions.
Dpe Medical is a unique international company that specializes in the development and manufacture of revolutionary products in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
Close collaboration with senior and experienced physiotherapists, together with an outstanding research and development department, creates fruitful soil for new and unique products.

Technology & Product(s)

Dpe Medical provides total Stairs and Gait Training Solutions.

For 15 years, our products helped millions of patients throughout the world to return to their daily life.
Professional physiotherapists, repeatedly, year after year choose the Dynamic Stair Trainer as the preferable tool to train and rehabilitate their patients.

Walking and stairs climbing are basic and fundamental skills needed for mobility and well-being.

Dpe Medical’s products where developed specially to meet these needs.

Thousands of physiotherapists and millions of patients put their faith at the Dynamic Stair Trainer.

Today, DST is a synonym for efficiency and excellency when referring to physiotherapy and rehabilitation products.

During 2017, Dpe Medical ltd. launched and installed the first, state of the art, DST TriplePro. The DST TriplePro enables, for the first time, to monitor, document and improve stairs climbing, gait training and incline walking.

Physiotherapy departments and Institutes now have full documentation of all sessions of stairs climbing conducted with their patients, accompanied by an individual Progress Chart of (with DST Factor) each patient.


Objectives: Presenting new products, Recruiting new distributors.
Target businesses: Distributors in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
Target Countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, S. Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, Philippines, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.