Core Scientific Creations Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Wound Management, EMS - Emergency Medicine Services, General Surgery, Cardiovascular, Oncology, Orthopedic, Nephrology, Oral & Dental Care, Obstetrics, Gynecology, ENT - Ear, Nose and Throat, Urology, Peripheral Vascular
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Company at a Glance

Core Scientific Creations develops and manufacturing medical device in the field of Advanced Bleeding control. It is our mission to change the way bleeding is treated in the hospital, in the field and at home. We save lives by developing cutting edge technologies to control all types of bleeding faster, safer and smarter. We are first and for most a scientific company dedicated to bringing knowledge and proven products to the end user.

Technology & Product(s)

WoundClot is an innovative hemostat, uniquely engineered to control non-compressional mild, moderate and severe bleeding in and out of hospital arena, by professionals and untrained care givers.

  • The only bio-absorbable hemostat approved for severe arterial bleeding.
  • First true non-compressional hemorrhage control in the market.
  • Stops all types of bleeding fast (vascular, soft tissue, bone, lungs and severe traumatic hemorrhage)
  • Promotes coagulation for coagulopathic patients.
    Fully absorbed in the body within c.a 7 days.
  • Creates a biological clot.
  • The only non-oxidized cellulose hemostat.



Objectives: To introduce life saving technologies, for the harshest bleeding scenarios both in the hospital and pre hospital environments. Equipping caregivers with an extensive scientific knowledge base to help make life saving decisions, both in Critical and calm environments
Target businesses: Distributors end-users in the fields of hospital and pre hospital emergency environments as well as surgical and applications for internal bleeding control, neurology surgery, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, OBGYN, ENT applications. EMS providers and military/governmental care givers and dental disposables distributors.
Target Countries: European Union, USA/North America, EMEA, Eastern European countries, Australia, Asian market and South America.