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Consis Medical develops novel, single-use and self-propelled endoscopes. The company’s first product offers the next-generation solution for colonoscopies, providing the clinic with a simple and cost-effective setup.

Consis Medical unique self-propelling technique is safer and faster than current procedures, and it requires no anesthetics. Our semi-disposable approach provides significant operational advantages for the clinic, eliminating the major expenses related to sterilization and reducing the risk of infection, while requiring no compromise on the quality of the examinations.

Our technology uses a modular, novel approach for the endoscope’s elements: the elongated body of the device is an inflatable, bio-compatible, single-use sleeve, while its head is an advanced, multiple-use element with high-end components for vision and other utilities. As the sleeve is inflated, it is set into motion, and gently propelled along the intestine. At the end of the procedure, the device head is removed and sterilized easily, while the body of the device is replaced with a new one, for the next examinee.

The Consis solution provides:

  • Safe, gentle and quick inspection of the intestine, improving both patient and physician experiences
  • No need for sedation and sedation-related expenses
  • No need for additional recovery beds which are used in case of sedation
  • Our semi-disposable device set-up simplifies the entire inspection cycle:
    • No need for an expensive sterilization process, equipment and dedicated space
    • No need to own several expensive devices to support long sterilization process
    • Eliminates the need for maintenance, expensive repairs and additional technicians