Cnoga Medical

Point of Care Diagnostics, Population Health Management, Remote Monitoring
Cardiovascular, Diabetics, Primary Care, Rehabilitation

Non-invasive Medical Devices for Outpatient Monitoring and Diabetes Management

Cnoga medical is a leading global company for outpatient monitoring. CNOGA is a privately held international company, founded in 2004, with headquarters in Israel and subsidiaries in China and Brazil. CNOGA researches and develops innovative technologies in the field of non-invasive medical devices that integrated into our data management platform to provide a complete solution for the patients and the physicians.

Our premium products include the TensorTip®MTX/VSM and the TensorTip Combo Glucometer (COG). By simply placing a finger into one compact medical device for one minute, TensorTip MTX can measure 15 bio-parameters such as Hemodynamic, Hematology and Blood gasses without the need to draw blood. With the use of dedicated Singular Apps and eHealth management cloud system the data can be safely managed, analyzed and shared for remote monitoring. The TensorTip®CoG is a personalized, one-of-a-kind, hybrid non-invasive blood glucose meter that allows monitoring glucose levels and HbA1C frequently without constant pricking for better lifestyle management and improved glucose level control.

CNOGA’s devices are approved by CE, CFDA, Anvisa and having a U.S FDA approval for Blood pressure & Pulse.