CNOGA Medical

Medical Devices, Healthcare IT
Diagnostic& Monitoring, Minimally Invasive System, Telemedicine
Therapeutic Area(s):
Cardiovascular, Diabetics, Endocrinology, General Health, Obesity, Primary Care, Vital Signs
Company Status:
revenue growth
CNOGA Medical Ltd. is a privately held international company with headquarters
in Israel and branch offices in China and Brazil. CNOGA Medical developed and
distributes innovative non-invasive medical devices for Diabetes & Cardiovascular
disease management. Using a camera real time color image sensor and unique
patent algorithm, CNOGA Medical manages to analyze the vast amount of data and
detect blood chromatic changes as a function of body physiology which provides
CNOGA with the capability to compute desired Bio-Parameters in a non-invasive

• TensorTip Combo Glucometer – non-invasive glucose measurement device for
diabetic patients
• TensorTip MTX/VSM – a compact innovative device that measures non-invasively
14 bio parameters in less than a minute. The TensorTip MTX/VSM can measure
cuff less blood pressure, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, RBC, Pulse, Spo2,pH, Blood
gas and Hemodynamic Parameters.

CNOGA’s devices have undergone extensive clinical trials which comply with
accuracy and quality standards. CNOGA’s devices are approved for sale in more than
37 countries (Certifications: CE mark approved, CFDA, Anvisa, U.S FDA approved
for Blood pressure & Pulse).