CNOGA Medical Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Diabetics, Endocrinology, Cardiovascular, EMS - Emergency Medicine Services, General Health, Pulmonary, Primary Care, Respiratory, Women’s Health
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Company at a Glance

NOGA Medical Ltd., a privately owned Israeli company develope & distribute innovative Non Invasive medical monitor devices. The unique algorithm analyze the image sensor data to provide 14 Bio Parameters analysis. Cnoga devices are portable and easy to use. Patient simply place his finger in the device and the automatic measurement provide the 14 blood parameters in a minute. Results can be transmitted to a secure server for review and filing.

The TensorTip Noninvasive devices: CoG Glucometer
Non Invasive, needle-free Glucose monitoring for Diabetics. Based on a personal calibration the CoG provides diabetic patients with an accurate Non invasive solution to measure blood glucose.

VSM (Vital Sign Monitor)
A Small Non Invasive Monitoring device measuring continuous Blood Pressure without arm cuff, Pulse ,SpO2 and optional 3 additional parameters (Hgb, HCT, RBC or pH, PCO2,PO2).

MTX (14 bio parameters)
Measure noninvasively blood hemodynamics & Blood chemistry: Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, RBC, Blood Pressure (No cuff!) , Pulse, Saturation, Cardiac Output, MAP, SV, PO2 , PCO2, and Waveforms.

Regulatory Status:

  • Europe: CE mark approval for Non Invasive Combo Glucometer, VSM and MTX.
  • China: CFDA marketing approval for MTX & VSM and COG
  • Israel: AMAR approval for Non Invasive Combo Glucometer, VSM and MTX.
  • USA: FDA approval for the Blood pressure and Pulse.
  • Brazil: ANVISA approval for Non Invasive Combo Glucometer, VSM and MTX.

Technology & Product(s)

CNORA raised $50M in early 2017 from a strategic partner in China.

CNOGA’s Tensor tip technology is based on innovative, non distructive and reliable spectral anlysis patented algorithm within a small medical devicesThis technology enable point of care rapid measurement of up to 14 Bioparameters such as Blood hemodynamics, blood gases and blood chemistry in a mather of minuts, anywhere and anytime.

CNOGA Tensortip™ Matrix™ (MTX) securely measures, monitors and analyzes more than a dozen blood parameters non-invasively – Blood pressure, Stroke Volume, Cardiac Output, Cardiac Index, as well as Blood Gases (CO2, O2, pH), Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, Red Blood Cell, Pulse and Main Atrial Blood Pressure and more.

CNOGA Tensortip™ Combo Glucometer (CoG) provides a revolutionary, painless and non-invasive approach to glucose measurement, enabling diabetics to monitor their glucose levels everywhere with no prick and no blood. This device is individually calibrated for each patient and is designed for everyday use.

CNOGA Tensortip™ VSM™ tracks Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation and Pulse per Minute and offers, like all CNOGA devices, non-invasive and ease-of-use measurements.

CNOGA Singular is CNOGA’s secure cloud infrastructure, designed to safely transfer medical results from the devices to CNOGA’s mobile application and allows secure access to caretakers, physicians or other selected stakeholders.


Objectives: Searching for medical distributors Europe, USA, Canada, India, China
Target businesses: Distributors.
Target Countries: North America, Europe, China, India and others.