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Company at a Glance

Chaban Group, a leader in development, manufacture, and marketing of test equipment (ATE) for the military and civilian markets in Israel, extends its capability to the medical market with Chaban Medical division.
Chaban Medical holds ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO9001, clean room ISO-7 certifications, and a business license 1.3 for medical development and manufacturing. Among Chaban’s Medical clients are well-respected companies including Johnson & Johnson, Gyrus ACMI, a subsidiary of Olympus Corporation, Venus Concept, and numerous Israeli startup companies, which Chaban Medical accompanies from their inception through the R&D and DFM stages, and into actual production.
Chaban Medical develops and manufactures quality, dependable medical equipment for home care and rehabilitation. Building on extensive, in-depth experience of the Chaban Group, the medical division strives to improve its products to match market needs, with careful focus on feedback received from customers.
Chaban Medical takes pride in complying with the most stringent medical standards and keeping pace with the most recent advances in modern technologies. Chaban Medical is certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and holds the CE Marking of the European Union. The company has been inspected and certified by the Standards Institute of Israel (SII) and KEMA (Holland), as well as the FDA.

Technology & Product(s)

Oxy-Tec 5S Oxygen Concentrator

The new Oxy-Tec 5S has been specially developed to provide a dependable, convenient source of supplemental oxygen for therapeutic needs.

Suitable for both children and adults, Oxy-Tec 5S offers concentration up to 96% and flow rates reaching 5 LPM. Oxy-Tec 5S separates and concentrates oxygen from ambient room air for delivery to a patient requiring low flow oxygen therapy.

Convenient and lightweight, Oxy-Tec 5S eliminates the need to drag around bulky, unmanageable oxygen cylinders and their refill cylinders.

The Oxy-Tec 5S Advantages:

  • High quality + long warranty period (up to 5 years full warranty – the longest warranty period on the global market).
  • Low prices compare to western products.
  • Unique design, awarded with the Certificate of Design Patent – all filters accessible without opening the product housing.
    Lightweight (only 15.9 kg), quiet (less than 45dB), reliable (94% AVG oxygen purity)
  • User friendly, operates 24 hours continuously.
  • Easy-to-read electronic control panel – with LCD display including audio and visual alarm system indicating low oxygen concentration, low/high pressure and power off.
  • For use in homecare, hospitals, clinics, assisted living centers/nursing homes.


Objectives: Locating local distributors.
Target businesses: Sales, Medical Device Distributers.
Target Countries: Europe, Latin America, Africa, India.