Cathetrix Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Urology, ICU - Intensive Care unit
Company Status:
Pre-Clinical, Regulatory Approval

Company at a Glance

Cathetrix is an innovative catheter securement devices company, developing and producing smart catheter fixations.

Cathetrix, teamed up with 3BY ltd. manufacturer of disposable medical aid for the development and production of new generation of catheter fixation.

Securement devices which go beyond fixation solely and add layers of safety.

From cutting mechanism which prevent hazardous extraction to digital stabilizers which alert the patient as well as the caregiver on the situation.

Technology & Product(s)

FoleySafe, Tier 2 securement device with embedded cutting mechanism, preventing unintended and accidental Foley catheter extractions.

FoleySafe provides two layers of protection to the patients with Foley catheters, latex or silicone. In addition to its fixation properties the FoleySafe hold a unique feature – Upon unintended or accidental pulling of the catheter, a cutting mechanism is activated and the catheter is severe, thus deflating the retention balloon and preventing any damage or hazard to the bladder or urethra.

The FoleySafe is Cathetrix Ltd. debut product, with granted patent and production line in 3BY ltd. the product stand with CE and FDA type 1 clearance.


Objectives: Introduction to potential business partners. Establishing connections with decision makers, Distributors, purchasing managers and physicians at the catheter management field.
Target businesses: 

  •  Catheter & Catheter management equipment Distributers.
  • Chains of Elderly care facilities.
  • Home healthcare providers.
  • Disposable equipment distributors.

Hospitals Purchasing Managers.
Target Countries: US, Canada, EU, UK, & Japan.