Medical Devices
Medical Equipment, Disposable, Splints and Casts
Therapeutic Area(s):
Orthopedic, Rehabilitation, Emergency medicine, Primary care, General Surgery, Intensive Care, Pediatrics, Occupational Therapy, Bone Diseases
Company Status:
Clinical trials

Cassit Ltd. Designs and produces innovative customizable Splints and Casts for people with upper body injuries and disabilities. Splints and Casts immobilize orthopedic limb injuries for healing, alignment, pain relief, protection, preservation of motor skills and the supreme goal of return to functioning.

The target audience consists of 440 Million people worldwide, with common hand injuries such as fractures, sprains, head and spine injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, stroke, cerebral palsy and other disabilities and traumatic injuries. While existing solutions are currently available to only 30% of the global market, Cassit makes its disruptive products accessible to all people; The products are affordable, of premium quality, simple, aesthetic, and can be easily customized in 5 minutes, everywhere.

The multidisciplinary development of unique thermoplastic solutions led to the combination of mass production technologies with customizable devices. Each product embodies user-centered-design and C2C approached (reusable and recyclable).

Another significant advantage is the transparency of the splint, which enables early detection of pressure sores and excellent visibility of the healing process. The Splints are suitable for the shower and can be easily cleaned and maintained.

B2B distribution channels: Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy, Emergency, Sports, Military and Elderly Care.