CardiacX Medical Ltd.

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Company at a Glance

CardiacX Medical is developing, manufacturing and marketing novel cardiac resuscitation solutions including the World’s 1st miniature Personal External Defibrillator (PED). Remarkably small, like a thick smartphone, it is able to deliver the same energy (200 J) and number of bi-phasic pulses (at least 5) like a regular public AED.

The PED marks a dramatic impact on the OUT-OF-HOSPITAL survival rate of victims of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest:

  • The PED will raise dramatically the OUT-OF-HOSPITAL, from today’s survival rate of only 5% (1 survivor from 20 victims) up to the IN-HOSPITAL survival rate of 50% or more (1 in 2 victims will survive).
  • Also, by being with the patient all the time, the PED will make the survival rate independent of the victim’s location, if the victim is at the gate of a hospital where the survival rate is high or in a trip in an isolated place in the mountains where the survival rate is practically 0.

Technology & Product(s)

Inventive energy storage technologies allow packing the same energy of the large public defibrillators (AED) in a remarkably small case of a smartphone, thus making CardiacX’ PED the World’s 1st truly personal defibrillator that can fit in the front pocket of a shirt.


Objectives: Establishing strategic connections with leading resuscitation medical device distributers.
Set worldwide distribution channels for our PED. Develop strategic partnerships on commercial and technological levels.
Target businesses: B2C
Target Countries: Worldwide