Medical Device
Diagnostics & Monitoring
Therapeutic Area(s):
Cardiovascular, General Health, Vital Signs
Company Status:
Clinical Trials

CardiacSense is a bio-sensing technology developer for reading multiple vital signs. CardiacSense’s first product is a clinically proven Medical watch for Heart Arrhythmia detection, Blood Pressure measurement (cuff-less and continuous), Breathing Rate, Oxygen Saturation and more. CardiacSense core competence is in PPG (PhotoPlatysmoGraph) technology. CardiacSense developed its own IP protected Artefact Sensor that eliminates any influence of movement artefacts (which is the Achilles Heel of PPG technology), thus enable our watch to have medical grade accuracy level of pulse measurement.

CardiacSense is in the process of getting FDA and CE regulatory approvals.

CardiacSense team is composed of highly skilled Healthcare professionals and strong team players.